What is fashion?

Is fashion defined by the act of following others and allowing oneself be carried away on a current of conformity? Or rather is it a choice to trust yourself, finding the best way to communicate to the world that you are UNIQUE, and that your beauty lies in the expression of your personality ?!

In the world of fashion it is those designers who dare to go against the grain, who take CHAOS and transform it into a source of creative INSPIRATION who are distinguished by their acts of rebellion.

CAPTAIN DEEPESH was born of this same desire to create a fiery, modern and dazzling universe, a universe that stands up to discrimination, in the name of TALENT.

Like a rampaging gang of pirates on the conquest of new worlds, Captain Deepesh draws you in and guides you in the discovery new ideas.

Captain Deepesh rescues you from conformity, releasing you from any tendency to be a follower of opinions, behaviors and dress styles.

Our desire is to lead an ASSAULT on conformity. A watch is not simply a product. It is a choice to assert yourself in a manner which represents YOUR personal and creative way of rethinking and redefining fashion without cliches!

Opposed to banal and unoriginal expression, we are the brand with whom anyone can identify, regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, or one’s lifestyle and way of thinking.

YOU ARE NOT A FOLLOWER. You have an obligation to BE YOURSELF, as you are!
Captain Deepesh is for you, because we have transformed your passions into authentic and genuine talent.

You are a Blogger?…you love lifestyle and fashion? Captain Deepesh wants you!
If you’re looking for a new experience contact us e become the next Captain Deepesh ambassador.

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