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There are only two ways to be fashionable to follow others, transported by the current of conformism, or listen to yourself and find the only way able
to communicate to the world that you are unique and your beauty is in your personality. Among the great brands unconventional fashion, there is one who is distinguished for his irreverent and rebellious; who is made the emblem of the daring woman who lives to excess; one who has staked everything on the contrasts and those made inspired by chaos for his creations.

Our desire is to assault or attack this conformism, through a clock that is not only a product but also represent your own personal and creative, to rethink fashion and how to present it without cliches!
We are against the expressions, banal and devoid of originality, we are the brand where you can recognize everyone, without distinction as to race, sex, orientation, religion, way of thinking and living. We like you because you're yourself, just as you are, and Captain Deepesh is for you who, like us, you've transformed your passion into a real and true talent.

“The brand is Captain Deepesh was born from the desire to create a brand with a charge to the young, modern and vibrant. Against discrimination and in favor of talent

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